Dolly Gets Married 

With a history of 7 years working in the bridal industry Dolly has sourced the most talented hair & make-up artists to work together to product the most fabulous bridal looks.

We start the process off with a trial. We recommend you have your appointment no earlier than 8/10 weeks before your wedding day. However, you can book this up to 12 months before the desired date. We also recommend you secure your wedding date as soon as you can Ė you do have to put down a £40 non-refundable deposit to do this.
 (Trials only available Tues-Frid)

★ Homework ★

This bit is down to you, to get your skin in the best tip-top condition please remember your skin-care regime! If this sounds a bit over whelming then please book in a pre-trial consultation, here we will show you the right products for your skin type. Otherwise please exfoliate at least once a week starting at the latest two weeks before your trial booking (donít forget your lips), cleanse, tone and moisturise (we know itís a pain but it does make a difference) and last but not least please come to your trial with clean, dry hair. (If you have a natural curl, then leave it in Ė donít use any straighteners/tongs prior to your trial). Homework lecture over, if you do have a tiara/hair piece or desired veil please bring it to your trial.

We then go through all possible looks that you may be interested in trying, until we find the winning style, personalised to suit you. We use a secret concoction of primers and setting powders only available to your bridal party, making your make-up look fresh and radiant all day! (Bring any images that may help describe your vision.) All thatís left to do is secure your Doll, with a £40 booking deposit, youíre ready to go.

★ Wedding Day ★

What better way to start off your wedding day then with a glass of Champagne and fresh strawberries served to you whilst enjoying the surroundings at our very own Dolly Goes Dancing Studio? Not only that, how about completing your look with a mini photo-shoot on the fabulous DGD red carpet backdrop with your family & friends?

Prefer someone came to you? No problem! Just go to for mobile services.

For current prices please go to our current printed brochure, here

Dollyís Wedding Trial £100

Our secret concoction of make-up and hair products perfectly suits a blushing bride. We will tailor any ideas you have for your desired look to ensure you are completely happy with your chosen style! *Price given above is for hair & make-up, standard 3 hour booking slot, after this £10 per hour is charged. If you would like either hair or make-up only, simply half the price & timings!*

Dollyís Bridal Make-over £80

We use the best products to ensure your make-up stays perfectly for the whole day, you wonít want to take it off! Psst Ė guess what, absolutely NO caking involved!!! Lashes included.
Dollyís Bridal Hair-Styling starting from £80

Whether you want a 60's bee-hive, an essex blow-dry or a romantic red carpet look, we can accomodate you.

Bridesmaid/Mother of Bride Trial £60

*Price given above is for hair & make-up, standard 2 hour booking slot, after this £10 per hour is charged. If you would like either hair or make-up only, simply half the price & timings!

Bridesmaid/Mother of Bride Make-Over £35

Itís not just the bride that needs to look amazing all day and photo-ready. We use a mixture of secret setting powders which is only available to bridal parties. Plus you get lashes. Shhhhhh…

Bridesmaid/Mother of Bride Hair Styling

Hair up styling - £45 / hair down styling £35

Please contact the Dolls directly for a quote, if you have a trial booked, ask then.

Dollyís Flower Girl £20

Glitter, crystals and lovely ringlets available - basically a princess for the day!

Dolly Gets Married Package £260

Now with the Dolly Goes Dancing Package you wonít have to remortgage your house to be able to afford a celebrity experience on your wedding day. We are offering your trial, hair & make-up on your wedding day, including eye-lashes.